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Our New Scales Are Open For Business

We’re getting ready to exchange our scale out for a new one. Nothing wrong with the old, but we try to stay on top of our scale. Scale integrity is very important to us. In fact, that’s our most important piece of equipment. Every dollar that flows in and out of our business relies on the accuracy of that scale, and we take accuracy here very seriously.

Not only do we update to keep the equipment updated, but as far as scale accuracy goes, we get two surprise inspections a year from the state of Michigan. They come into the yard, they shut it down. They will inspect the scale for accuracy. They’ll look at it to make sure it looks mechanically sound.

Scale integrity is very important to us.

Not only do we have the state inspections, but we hire an independent third party to come in and do one inspection a year for the same purposes of taking a look at the equipment. Make sure it looks sound. They’ll check the accuracy of the weights and as far as scale repair, to make sure that there’s no hint of impropriety on our part, our guys are forbidden from actually fixing the scale. If there’s ever an issue with the wiring, any other mechanical problems, we bring in a neutral third party to do the repairs.

It’s important to us that you feel absolutely confident that you’re going to get paid for every ounce of material that weighs for you, that it’d be graded and sorted properly, and that you’ll leave with the maximum amount of money.